Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 08/30/18

Happy belated birthday to Lily E.!!!!

Happy birthday today to Jack G. and Conor T.!!!!

Today’s Agendas:


1.) Status of the class

2.) Finish up yesterday’s name activity (due Tuesday if not completed by the end of class)

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Other column on yesterday’s warm-up

2.) Syllabus for classes with Mrs. Leahy (can be found in all ELA and History Google Classrooms)

3.) Off to OB’s room we go!!!

4.) Agenda Books

Tonight’s Homework:


Read in your independent reading book

If you didn’t finish today’s classwork, that needs to be completed

Read, sign (both you and your parents) and return ELA and US History class expectations sheet 


Study (using Quizlet and/or songs on the blog from yesterday’s post AND your state abbreviations reference sheet) your states, capitals and abbreviations (20 minutes minimum)