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Monday, 06/25/18 — MOVE UP DAY!

Today’s Schedule:

7:25-7:28:  Homeroom

7:28-8:15:  UA

8:15-9:05:  UAj

9:05-9:30:  Return to homeroom; locker clean out; hand out 8th grade information

9:30-10:30:  Move Up Day (spend this hour with your new team of teachers and classmates)

10:30-11:00:  Return to homeroom; yearbook signing; Move Up debriefing

11:00-11:30:  Lunch

11:30-1:55:  Rotate through classes


Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/18/18


1.) Take your portfolios home 🙂

2.) Next Year…

3.) Flip Grids (PW:  KLeahy206)

4.) Agenda Books



Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/12/18


1.) Let me show you something…

2.) Kahoot!

2.) Get your acting pants on!

3.) Agenda Books


Study your Real World: Mt. Olympus Notes

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/31/18


1.) Four Colors – Four Things

2.) Let’s add in some impact

3.) Get going!

4.) Agenda Books


Work on your draft of the MVT assignment.  Make sure you’re revising your word choice AND include the impact that teacher has made on you as a person and as a learner.  Finished products due to me (shared with me AND printed out!) tomorrow



Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/25/18

Today is an Early Release Day AND we have an assembly today!  Please make sure you check the schedule in the hallway so that you know what the schedule is!


Work on your Hobby Site (especially your reflections!)


Peace Out, Cub Scouts!  Enjoy your well-deserved LONG weekend (and make sure your history posters are done for Tuesday!)