Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 05/09/19


1.) Explain history Distance Learning assignment now that it’s posted (hard copies available)

2.) States and capitals practice for time

3.) KAHOOT! Review game for tomorrow’s quiz

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Study for history quiz tomorrow (Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion) using the notes that I gave you on Manifest Destiny AND the notes from the class presentations.

2.) Study your states and capitals. The game for TIME (under 3 minutes) is tomorrow (for RED class) and FRIDAY (w/Mr. O’Brien for BLUE class)

3.) Holocaust writing assignment due and POSTED to GOOGLE CLASSROOM TURN IN ASSIGNMENT by tomorrow, 5/10/19 by 1:05pm (turn in after that will be marked late)

4.) Distance Learning assignments for ELA and history were posted to Google Classroom yesterday (Tuesday, 5/7/19) and are due by Friday, 5/17/19

  • In ELA, you need to complete the Google Form in Google Classroom that has questions about the non-fiction Anne Frank article you read in class on Monday
  • In History, you have a visual literacy assignment that goes along with the reading we’re doing in class over the next two days