Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 12/18/18


Begin reading Chains

  • On Thursday we will have an Accountable Talk discussion on Chapter I –  Chapter  VIII (pages 1-52).  You will have class time today and class time tomorrow (after Word Work) to work on getting this reading done


Turn in Battle Maps and paragraphs

1.) Treaty of Paris EDPuzzle (linked in your Google Docs)

2.) Finish Reading Notes 7 (Study Guide)

3.) Practice States and Capitals


ELA:  Word Work due tomorrow

History:  Review states and capitals for game tomorrow (you have to do it in under 3 minutes to avoid the quiz on Friday); Study for test on Chapters 6 and 7 (Declaration of Independence AND The American Revolution) on THURSDAY, 12/20/18.  Here is a  STUDY GUIDE (you have one linked in your Google Classroom as well).

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 12/17/18


1.) Turn in Open Responses

2.) New Seats

3.) Open Journal

4.) New Circles (just for today)

5.) Agenda Books


1.) Decoding Warm-up

2.) WGOITW w/Mr. O’Brien

3.) Sea Warfare in the Revolution

4.) Review Sheet

5.) Agenda Books


ELA:  None due tomorrow; Word Work due Wednesday

HISTORY:  Battle Map due tomorrow

**States and capitals for time on Wednesday, 12/19!**

**Chapter 6 & 7 (Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution) Test Thursday, 12/20**

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 12/14/18


1.) Final Lit. Circle Meeting

2.) Summarizer

3.) Open Responses

4.) Agenda Books


All Battle Maps, All Day!

Directions Clarified:

Follow the directions to write about your three battle choices.  Valley Forge WAS NOT a battle!  For your Valley Forge paragraph, just tell me what it was AND its importance to the Americans during the Revolutionary War.


ELA:  Open responses due Monday

History:  Battle Maps due Tuesday

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 12/13/18


1.) Go over rubrics

2.) Open Responses

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Hand backs galore

2.) Battle Map

3.) Agenda Books


ELA:  Finish literature circle book for Friday, 12/14

History:  None

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 12/12/18


1.) Word Work presentations

2.) Rubric hand out and discussion

3.) Open responses and conferencing

4.) Agenda Books


1.) American Revolution Video part 3

2.) Chapter 7 Reading Check and discussion

3.) Battle Map intro.

4.) Agenda Books


ELA:  Sparkle Words and Finish Lit. Circle book for Friday

HISTORY:  Two Geography Challenges – pages 98 and 99 (Key Battles of the American Revolution and Battle of Yorktown)

  • Do on a piece of paper in your binder
  • Write the heading (in the purple section down the side of your book) and the page number and UNDERLINE IT
  • Answer each question IN COMPLETE SENTENCES using part of the question in your answer
    • EXAMPLE:
      • Question:  Identify four interesting details on this map.
        • Exemplar Answer Starter:  Four interesting details on this map are…
      • Question:  In which region(s) – New England Colonies, Middle Colonies or Southern Colonies – did the key battles of the American Revolution take place?
        • Exemplar Answer Starter:  The key battles of the American Revolution took place in…
  • Skip lines in between each answer