At-Home Learning Enrichment

ALL-STARS!!! It’s been too long! How are you doing? We miss you and hope you’re doing well and staying healthy!

Since we cannot be together in person right now, all of the teachers in the district have been working super hard to create some online enrichment opportunities for you to keep your skills sharp and keep the connection to school open. We miss you and want to make sure that you’re getting everything that you need.

This is something that is super new for all of us, so there is going to be a learning curve. I ask you to be patient and to keep asking questions. If something isn’t working or doesn’t make sense or you can’t find it, shoot me an email and ASK.

Mrs. Trearchis, Mrs. Downey and I are also going to be playing around with video conferencing and teaching. This will let us all have some face time together. We will post those times daily in Google Classroom so that you know when you can reach us. You can also shoot us an email and request a video conference if you’re stuck as well!

This will be the last post on the blog until we are back together. All activities will be posted in Google Classroom by 10:00 am every single day, so make sure that you’re checking all four core classes for updates! I’m also doing a First Chapter “Friday” podcast where I’m sharing the first chapter of a different book for every day that we’re not in school. I’m hoping you’re listening! Here is the link to that.

Families of 8th Grade All-Stars, since you are not in Google Classroom to see what’s coming in if you have any questions about activities being posted, please send me an email and I will walk you through them.

Stay healthy and well. Read. Read A LOT. Learn a new hobby or skill. Think of new ways to help out around the house. Bake. Cook. Sleep. Create. Dream. Lose yourself in music. Walk or run outside. Be active. Stay positive.

Stay Gold, All-Stars.


Mrs. Leahy

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 03/12/2020


1.) ELA and Civics Report Card (form in Google Classroom)

2.) Show Me the BookSnaps!

3.) Independent Reading (this is a PERFECT time to work on your lit circle reading that is due tomorrow!)

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Hand back and go over yesterday’s quiz

2.) Three Words warm-up

3.) Engage – Hyperdoc (in Google Classroom)

4.) Explore Discussion

5.) Explain Part 1 of Hyperdoc

6.) Agenda Books


ELA: Book Club tomorrow (so make sure the work is done)

CIVICS: Finish Explain Part 1 of Hyperdoc (Edpuzzle)

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 03/11/20


1.) Word Work presentations

2.) Finish yesterday’s lesson on denotation and connotation

3.) Hand out lit circle books and explain book journal

4.) Planning meeting with lit circle groups

5.) Teacher-Directed Assignment: Create a prediction BookSnap of your cover (front or back) – YOU NEED THE PICTURE, A VISUAL (bitmoji, emoji, circling/highlighting, etc.), AND A REFLECTION (your thoughts about your prediction in your own words)

6.) Agenda Books


1.) Any questions?

2.) Quiz time

3.) Work on your reading for your lit circle

4.) Agenda Books


ELA: Lit Circle meeting again on Friday, make sure your reading and dialoguing is done


Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 03/10/20


1.) Independent Reading and Status of the Class

2.) Introduction to our poetry unit (interactive notebook in Google Classroom)

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Warm-Up

2.) Quiz tomorrow —> any questions that I can answer for you? Study guide is in Google Classroom

3.) A CLASS: Finish Soulful Sounds; B CLASS: Trivia

4.) Agenda Books


ELA: Trimester Two independent reading page post; Word Work due tomorrow

CIVICS: Study for quiz tomorrow (study guide in Google Classroom)

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 03/09/2020


1.) Update on Book Circles – there’s a change to the schedule

2.) Open Journaling – trying our hands at poetry

3.) Trimester 2 BookStack assignment (details in Google Classroom)

4.) Agenda Books


1.) What’s Going On in the World

2.) Ask now – three branches of government and checks and balances

3.) Agenda Books


ELA: T2 BookStack picture, caption, and assignment due on Wed.; Word Work due Wed.

CIVICS: Study – three branches of government and checks and balances