Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/25/18

Today is an Early Release Day AND we have an assembly today!  Please make sure you check the schedule in the hallway so that you know what the schedule is!


Work on your Hobby Site (especially your reflections!)


Peace Out, Cub Scouts!  Enjoy your well-deserved LONG weekend (and make sure your history posters are done for Tuesday!)

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/24/18


1.) FlipGrid Feedback

2.) Let’s Talk About Reflections

3.) So, what do we need to focus on when we write our reflections?

4.) Hobby Site time – (here is mine if you’re looking for an exemplar with your reflections)

5.) Agenda Books


Get your social studies projects done

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/23/18


1.) Mood Movie Trailer Reflection

2.) Last IKWYDLS accountable talk session

3.) FlipGrid (class code – 986c3f)

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Finish your FlipGrid (link and code in the agenda)

2.) Comment on at least two other kids’ FlipGrid responses

    • When commenting, you want to:
      • Make a positive remark about the work you just viewed.  THEN:
        • State that you agree with their view point and back your view up with new details
        • OR
        • Tactfully disagree with their point of view and back your view up with details

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/22/18


We’re watching and critiquing your mood movie trailers today!  WOO-HOO!!!!


Make sure that everything is done that was due today for class tomorrow (finishing IKWYDLS, word work and two reflections for hobby site)

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 05/21/18


Edit mood movie trailers with your group


1.) Finish IKWYDLS for tomorrow.  Do you want to listen to it?  CLICK HERE

2.) Complete a Word Work on a word of your choosing from chapters 14-the end of the book.  You must do this the old school way AND include the chapter and page number

3.) Please do at least two hours of work on your hobby project (preferably learning and practicing) – due tomorrow

  • You must have two reflections done by the end of WIN time on Tuesday, 5/22/18.
    • Your first reflection:  There are questions you need to address on the checklist you received in WIN Class
    • Your second reflection can be on anything you want.  What did you learn?  Did you try it out?  How’d that go?  What did you learn from that?  What’s your next steps?  How can you make it better?  Do you need to change directions?  Etc. Etc. Etc.
      • WRITTEN REFLECTIONS:  Minimum of 3/4 of a page of single spaced text
      • VIDEO REFLECTIONS:  Minimum of 90 seconds talking