Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 05/15/19


1.) Independent Reading

2.) Word Work presentations

3.) Parts of Speech whole class work

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Missouri Compromise of 1820

2.) Causes of the Civil War – Stations part I


1.) Sparkle Words assignment on Google Classroom

2.) Distance Learning assignments due Friday

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 05/13/19


1.) 20 minutes independent reading and status of the class

2.) Turn in Holocaust independent reading books

3.) Go over Friday’s work

4.) Parts of Speech in action!

5.) Agenda Books


1.) WGOITW with Mr. O’Brien

2.) Chapter 13 recap

3.) Distance Learning

4.) Slave vs. Free

5.) Agenda Books


Tomorrow there is no school, so all work (except Distance Learning work) is due on WEDNESDAY, 5/15

1.) Double sided Speak sheet

2.) Word Work due Wednesday

3.) Slave State vs. Free State Map with Questions

Distance Learning Assignments are due FRIDAY, 05/17/19

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 05/10/19


1.) 20 minutes independent reading

2.) Did you get your Holocaust writing assignment posted? If not, please do that!

3.) Skills packet

4.) Agenda Books


1.) BLUE CLASS – States and Capitals for time

2.) Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion quiz

3.) Chapter 13 reading and notes (graphic organizers on Google Classroom)

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Finish any classwork (in ELA and History) from today

2.) Word Work due Wednesday

3.) Distance Learning Assignments due Friday, 5/10/19

Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 05/09/19


1.) Explain history Distance Learning assignment now that it’s posted (hard copies available)

2.) States and capitals practice for time

3.) KAHOOT! Review game for tomorrow’s quiz

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Study for history quiz tomorrow (Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion) using the notes that I gave you on Manifest Destiny AND the notes from the class presentations.

2.) Study your states and capitals. The game for TIME (under 3 minutes) is tomorrow (for RED class) and FRIDAY (w/Mr. O’Brien for BLUE class)

3.) Holocaust writing assignment due and POSTED to GOOGLE CLASSROOM TURN IN ASSIGNMENT by tomorrow, 5/10/19 by 1:05pm (turn in after that will be marked late)

4.) Distance Learning assignments for ELA and history were posted to Google Classroom yesterday (Tuesday, 5/7/19) and are due by Friday, 5/17/19

  • In ELA, you need to complete the Google Form in Google Classroom that has questions about the non-fiction Anne Frank article you read in class on Monday
  • In History, you have a visual literacy assignment that goes along with the reading we’re doing in class over the next two days

Tomorrow’s Schedule

7:25-7:30: Homeroom

7:30-7:45: Settle in to testing site, go through testing protocol and read directions

7:45-9:45: Math MCAS Session 2

9:45-10:15: Break Outside (stay in the basketball pad and the green area around it; NO TURF OR TRACK AT THS)

10:15-11:05: Report to Purple Class to work on Science work (Weather hyperdoc, etc.)

11:05-11:30: Lunch

11:30-12:10: Blue

12:10-1:05: Red

1:05-1:55: UA