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Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 04/10/18 and 04/11/18


We have shortened classes today and tomorrow due to your MCAS testing

1.) Hand back your The Lady, or the Tiger? Open Responses you turned in yesterday

  • Redos due by Friday, but they can be turned in tomorrow or Thursday if you’re done with it
  • I will be after school on Thursday if anyone wants to stay for help with this

2.) What Would You Do?  Socially appropriate vs. socially inappropriate scenes

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Get a good night’s sleep

2.) Eat breakfast

3.) Pack a healthy snack

4.) Bring independent reading book

5.) OR redo due by Friday

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 04/06/18


I will be conferencing with anyone who did not have a conference yesterday.  While I’m doing that, please complete the following assignment.

1.) We will be taking the ELA MCAS test on Tuesday and Wednesday (4/10 and 4/11) of next week.  In order to prepare for that, I want you to go through and complete the tutorial.  Please click here to take you to Test Nav.

  • Please fill in the guide as you go along through the tutorial.  Guides are on the side table.

2.) When you are done you can choose to do one of the following:

  • Read in your independent reading book
  • Work on your open response

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Have someone at home edit your paper for spellinggrammarcapitalization, and punctuation.  You also want them to check to make sure that your sentences make sense

2.) Final copies of your open response with your rubric are due to me, PRINTED OUT, Monday in class.

3.) If you didn’t finish your MCAS tutorial hunt, please do so for homework.


Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 03/24/17


1.) WARM-UP:  Fill out your passenger ticket

2.) Harriet Tubman chat

3.) Intro to song vocabulary

4.) Soulful Sounds Activity

5.) Agenda Books


1.) Word Work due Wednesday – can it be from something we read this week?

2.) Make sure that the entire song has been read and dialogued with.  We’ll finish the questions in class on Monday.

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 03/23/17


1.) Work on your Triple Threat Rotation #2 – Resistance

  • EDPuzzle – Into the Underground Railroad
  • Pick Your Poison Reading Assignment (You will read either Robert and Hannah Smalls or a story entitled Titus).  See me for which reading level I’d like you to do.  Read and dialogue with your text and MAKE SURE YOU DO A SO WHAT FOR WHAT YOU READ!
  • Complete the packet on side table
    • You DO NOT need to answer any of the questions.  You DO need to dialogue with your text.
    • No So-What required for these because they’re too short.
  • Listen to Henry’s Freedom Box being read aloud.  Jot down a few notes about this act of resistance.
  • Soulful Sounds Activity (this must be done IN CLASS so that you can work with a partner or your table group)

3.) Agenda Books


1.) All rotations must be completed (except for Soulful Sounds) for tomorrow.  We will work on Soulful Sounds tomorrow in class

2.) If you have conferenced with me about your open response and want to do a rewrite, it will be due one week from today (3/30/17)

Plot Notes

If you were absent today or you somehow lost yours, click here for a link to your plot notes.