Daily Agendas Posts

Monday, 06/25/18 — MOVE UP DAY!

Today’s Schedule:

7:25-7:28:  Homeroom

7:28-8:15:  UA

8:15-9:05:  UAj

9:05-9:30:  Return to homeroom; locker clean out; hand out 8th grade information

9:30-10:30:  Move Up Day (spend this hour with your new team of teachers and classmates)

10:30-11:00:  Return to homeroom; yearbook signing; Move Up debriefing

11:00-11:30:  Lunch

11:30-1:55:  Rotate through classes


Welcome To the Team 7 Wonders Hobby Expo! – 06/20/18

Below you will find a link to a page with all of the students’ websites.  Just find the student whose website you want to check out and click on their name.

Hobby Website Link List


Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/19/18


1.) Google Site – Going public

2.) Google Form

3.) Setting up our station

4.) Agenda Books


Make sure your website is done and let your parents know to have a QR reader on their phones so they can look at all the websites!

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/13/18


1.) Quick frozen tableau activity – STRIKE A POSE!

2.) Myths, myths everywhere!

3.) Agenda Books


Study for OB’s gods and goddesses quiz on Thursday

  • Use the packet/notes we created in ELA!
  • You need to be able to:
    1. recall information about each god or goddess (info. I gave you during notes AND info. from the chart you created)
    2. understand the creation myth story about how the gods and goddesses came to rule Mt. Olympus
    3. look at a picture and do the following:
      1. state the god’s or goddess’s name
      2. state what they are the god or goddess of
      3. state one fact about them (weapon, symbol, animal, etc.)

Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/12/18


1.) Let me show you something…

2.) Kahoot!

2.) Get your acting pants on!

3.) Agenda Books


Study your Real World: Mt. Olympus Notes