Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 10/28/19


1.) Halloween Bell-Ringer Day One (five minutes in class to work while I check your homework)

2.) The Most Dangerous Game open response prompts – go over and answer questions about it

3.) Ninja read The Landlady by Roald Dahl in the ELA textbook (page 171) while Mrs. Trearchis and I start conferences about MDG open response

4.) Agenda Books


1.) What’s Going On In the World with Mr. O’Brien

2.) Finish Friday’s movie

3.) Discussion and current event #2

4.) Agenda Books


ELA: Word Work due Thursday; Authors’ Cafe journal (suspense/horror writing) due Friday on Google Classroom; Most Dangerous Game open response due Friday

CIVICS: Read Junior Scholastic: Alone and Afraid cover to cover