Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 04/02/19


1.) 10 minutes of independent reading and status of the class

2.) Finish Act I

3.) Agenda Books


1.) Check homework

2.) Adams clips

3.) Quick notes

4.) Agenda Books


1.) Finish reading Act I, scene v in The Diary of Anne Frank

2.) Iiv-Iv reflection journal due Thursday (and “due” means also posted to Slide 20!)

3.) Ii-Iiii questions due tomorrow; Iiv-Iv questions due Thursday

4.) Slides 33, 35 (this is a link to an Edpuzzle video on the War of 1812 – do that) and 40 due Thursday

5.) Finish reading chapter 12 due Thursday (dialoguing on slides 36 and 38 -just look at headings to know what information goes where!)

**NO WORD WORK due this week!**

Tomorrow is an EARLY RELEASE DAY!