Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 04/01/19


1.) 10 minutes of independent reading (Status of the Class tomorrow)

2.) Let’s post your Iii journal due today on Slide 20, shall we?

3.) Finish Iiii

4.) Discuss then journal

5.) Agenda Books


1.) Check homework (they will be graded for accuracy when you turn in your INB; today is just a check to make sure they’re done)

2.) WGOITW with Mr. O’Brien

3.) Piracy

4.) Buddy read 12.6 and 12.7 (notes tomorrow)

5.) Agenda Books


1.) Finish Act Iiii journal

2.) Read in Holocaust independent reading book (Status of the Class tomorrow!)

3.) Complete slides 26 and 28 in Chapter 12 INB

4.) Finish piracy map

**Ii-Iiii questions on slide 13 due Wednesday, 04/03/19**

**Outsiders extra credit is due on Friday, 04/05/19**

**Trimester 3 States and Capitals “I have, who has” game on Friday, 04/05/19**