Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 03/25/19

Happy Birthday, Emma (yesterday) and Gloria (today)!!!


1.) K & W share out

2.) Holocaust overview (THANKS, Nate!)

3.) Independent Reading

4.) Agenda Books


No Class today due to the movie


Due Tomorrow:

Watch the slideshow your history class created.  Write down ONE (1) thing about EACH video that you liked and ONE (1) line or verse that you felt was really well crafted for EACH video

Looming Due Dates:

1.) Word Work due Wednesday (must be a high school quality adjective)

2.) Outsiders choice project due anytime between now and Friday, 3/25 (hard due date – points will be deducted for late assignments)

3.) Outsiders extra credit project due on Friday, 4/5 (hard due date – NO projects will be accepted after)