Today’s Agendas and Tonight’s Homework – 01/10/19


1.) Thursday Bell Ringer and correct

2.) Word Work presentations (no Sparkle Words this week)

3.) Chains WIN activity on NON-ALEKS days

4.) Change in reading assignment due for Monday

5.) Essential Question work

6.) Agenda Books


1.) And the winner is…

2.) Handbacks galore!

3.) It’s time for the OB Recap!

4.) Buddy read and dialogue with Chapter 12 in We the People

5.) EDPuzzle (link in Google Classroom)

6.) Agenda Books


1.) Read and dialogue with XIV-XX (pgs. 85-127) in Chains due Monday

  • Remember to flag AT LEAST one area of good writing to discuss

2.) History EDPuzzle (link on Google classroom)

3.) Prepare for Articles of Confederation quiz on Monday, 01/14/18