Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 11/05/18

Tomorrow is a No School day for you.  I know that your homework looks like a lot, but there will be PLENTY of time in both ELA and History as well as in WIN for you to work on this.  DON’T STRESS! 

ALSO, make sure you remind your parents to get out there and vote!


1.) Monday and Tuesday Bell Ringer

2.) Accountable Talk Discussion on The Masque of the Red Death

3.) Slice of Life stories – add in SHOWING rather than telling

4.) Agenda Books


1.) WITW w/ Mr. O’Brien

2.) The Seven Years’ War (otherwise known as the French and Indian War)

3.) Breakdown of your work – map, Everything You Need to Ace American History In One Big Fat Notebook packet and questions (you can answer right in the packet; no complete sentences) and EdPuzzle on the French and Indian War

4.) Agenda Books


ELA:  Word Work due Wednesday (word MUST come from The Masque of the Red Death); Finish adding showing details to your Slice of Life narrative; Memo to Mrs. Leahy and Mrs. Trearchis filled out for Slice of Life Narrative (on Google Classroom)

HISTORY:  Finish Classwork (#3 in the History Agenda – map, packet and questions, EdPuzzle)