Today’s Classes and Tonight’s Homework – 09/11/18


1.) Tuesday Bell Ringer and correct

2.) I Am Poem share outs

3.) Dialoguing/Annotating your text

4.) All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury – Reading Ninja Style

  • Audio companion (feel free to listen and read along if that works for you!)

5.) Go get ’em

6.) Agenda Books


1.) Head to OB’s room…

2.) Go over Ancient Rome Culminating Assessment

3.) What do we know about 9/11?

4.) Becoming A Historian – Conducting Interviews

5.) Agenda Books



1.) Finish your I Am poem (due tomorrow – turn into your class bin in HR)

2.) Reading Ninja with All Summer In A Day due Thursday


1.) Take your interview to the air!  Get it on Flipgrid!  (if Flipgrid is asking for a class code, it’s mrsleahyhistory) – Due Thursday

2.) In your journalplease write your first history entry.  The prompt I’d like you to focus on can be found in Google Classroom. – Due Friday