Getting Back Into It…

Hey there, All-Stars!  Can you believe that in less than a week, we’ll be back in school.  I hope you all had wonderful summer vacations and that you’re returning to the halls of TMS a well-rested, ready to work and have fun EIGHTH GRADER!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

A couple of things…

1.) If you have Instagram, make sure you follow me – @mrsleahytms.  This is the place to go for news, updates, changes to homework, fun tidbits of information, extra credit opportunities and more.

2.) Remind 101 – text @g32fkh to 81010 to follow our team’s notifications (I will be running it, but both Mrs. Downey and Mrs. Trearchis will be able to use my account to send out information as well). Or you could just click here.

3.) Supply List – If you need another copy of the supply list, click here.

Alright, All-Stars.  I think that’s it for me before school starts.  I can’t wait!