Today’s Class and Tonight’s Homework – 06/08/18


1.) Collect I Am poems

2.) Introducing the BEST Ancient Greek Reality TV Show – Real World:  Mount Olympus

  • Doodle Notes – How The Olympians Came To Be
  • Doodle Notes – Meet Your Olympians
  • Doodle Notes – Zeus’ Children
  • Doodle Notes – Fun Facts

3.) Agenda Books


You need to create a chart (or make a copy of this one and use it) for each of the 14 gods and goddesses from today.  Then you need to find in the following information for each one:

  • Symbol(s)
  • Weapon(s) (if any)*
  • Other Objects they may be known for (musical instruments, magical objects, etc.)*
  • Animals associated with them
  • One interesting fact about them (no marriage or children facts, please)

* = there may not be one for every god or goddess

In order to find this information, please use BOTH resources listed below (not just one)