Word Work Expectations – Broken Down for You and Your Parents/Guardians

Here is a link to the Word Work Assignment.

A couple of things to remember:

  1. You must use plain white computer paper.
  2. Follow the breakdown on the assignment page (letters a-h under “STEP THREE”).  That is your rubric for the assignment.  You must include all of those things to earn at least a check.
  3. If you want the check plus, you have to go above and beyond the minimum expectation listed.  Maybe you do this with your sentence or your picture or the overall look of the assignment.
  4. Spelling does count!  Three or more spelling errors will earn you a zero and an automatic redo of the assignment.
  5. The definition MUST be in your own words.  If you copy the definition and we can tell the language isn’t your own, you will receive the grade of zero without the opportunity for a redo.
  6. Your name, date and period at the top of the paper.
  7. This is a WEEKLY assignment, due every Wednesday (starting tomorrow).
  8. Your word MUST come from something you read.  It can be for school or for leisure.  It can be from a magazine, book, newspaper, blog, comic book, etc.